Copywriting services

Email marketing, SEO copywriting or onsite content – I offer content writing services to sell your brand or make it visible in search engines.

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Translation services

I am a professional translator with a degree from the Saarland University (Germany) specialized in both technical and general texts.

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Proofreading services

I provide professional German proofreading services to check your text for spelling or grammatical errors as well as inconsistencies.

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My mission

A German marketing copywriter and SEO expert that helps you in a highly competitive digital world!

I am a German copywriter, proofreader and translator from or to Italian and English.

Are you looking for successful marketing content to increase your site traffic as well as brand awareness using unique and tailored quality content to make you stand out from competitors?

My services include everything from email marketing to SEO onsite content up to blog articles or social media posts and more. I have written copy for well-known companies such as the LeoVegas Gaming Group that includes blog articles, onsite promotions, email marketing, search engine optimization etc.

Globalize your product: English – German – Italian

Are you opening a new market but language might seem an obstacle? Good-quality translations play a key role in every successful expansion.

I am a professional translator and a graduate of the Saarland University (Germany) in Applied Linguistics. I help you overcome the hurdle relating to languages by equipping your content with the necessary linguistic competencies suited to the German market.

In the past, I translated manuals and work instructions to help the ZF Group opening a new business location or enabled the Luxea GmbH offering their software solution in a localized English version.

I can assist with all types of translations and proofreading of German texts whilst offering the best prices.

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Silvia Bittorf Copywriter Translator
My mission

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